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There’s no way for a layperson to make sense of the contradictory information all over the Internet, and forthcoming from every “well-meaning” person! Armed with decades of unparalleled experience in the field of preventive cardiology, and driven by the motto of “no heart left behind”, we bring you the information, programs and support you to help you lead your best life. Our philosophies encompass the best of evidence-based Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology, and a non-invasive approach.

We will motivate, inspire, support you, and be there to hear you out. You don’t need financial resources. All you need is personal commitment – Your heart must be in it!

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Empower Yourself to Lead Your Best Life!

As such, we really do believe it’s better to embrace good health-related practices before one acquires disease.Our content, which is constantly updated and curated with cardiac health in mind, is actually suitable for healthy people as well.

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We promise to always endeavor to work our hardest, partnering with like-minded organizations and professionals, to get you the best education, information, programs and support  through the GFFPC portals.

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Through GLOBAL FOUNDATION FOR PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY, Dr Pratiksha and her team work tirelessly to bridge the dissemination gap between dependable knowledge & education resources and the people who seek it and need it.

Diet Plan For Healthy Heart

“What is EECP heart treatment?” is a question every EECP treatment center is asked over and over
December 23, 2020

Attack Heart Attack before it attacks you

“What is EECP heart treatment?” is a question every EECP treatment center is asked over and over
December 13, 2020

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