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Stress Management

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Stress is a part of everyone’s life, but, it is taking on an increasingly disruptive role these days. Anxiety and depression are far too common. Stress leads to health issues, unhappiness and a breakdown of relationships, if not handled properly. It’s become a necessity for everyone to practice some form or other of the various stress management techniques available. Proper management of stress is also very important for those suffering from lifestyle illnesses like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes.

One must always start slowly.

Effective stress management helps us put life-stressors into perspective and to cope with them effectively. This helps us lead happier and more productive lives. Effective management of stress also helps us realise our dreams, because we don’t allow fear and negative thoughts to stand in our way.

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The aim of practicing stress management techniques is to live a healthy, joyful, balanced life, handling work pressures better, nurturing our close relationships, allocating time for fun and relaxing activities, and meeting life’s responsibilities and challenges with positivity and strength.

Stress management could include Pranayama (breath-work), Yoga, Meditation, Positive Visualization Techniques, Counseling, Exercise, a healthy, healing Diet, Laughter Therapy, Support Groups, or just simply engaging in hobbies, socializing, confiding in a wise friend and seeking advice. All of these methods have tremendous benefits for stress relief and management, and more so when one takes up a couple or more of the activities in tandem.

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